VOID VATOR brings their massive metal to RIPPLE MUSIC

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High-adrenaline Los Angeles metal four-piece to release new album in 2020, debuts celebratory new single “Nitrus” today via Riff Relevant
Ripple Music, following the”can’t stop, won’t stop” philosophy of churning out untouchable heavy music, has signed Los Angeles metal quartet Void Vator, a band who merge elements of classic, rapid-fire American metal with the massive, chunky riffs and thick tones of today’s best stoner rock, all topped with utterly infectious, singable vocal hooks that make for an unforgettable blend of heaviness.
Formed in December of 2014, Void Vator built their approach on hard-hitting rock riffage rather than the stoned vibes of many of their peers, and quickly developed a reputation as a take-no-prisoners live act.
Following the creation of debut EP, Dehumanized  (July, 2017) with Grammy-nominated producer Ulrich Wild (Pantera, Deftones, Metalocalypse) and 2018’s Stranded EP, produced by the world-renowned Bill Metoyer (Slayer, DRI, Bodycount), along with countless tours, the band are ready to take the metal world by storm heading into 2020.
On joining forces with Ripple MusicVoid Vator guitarist Erik Kluiber (ex-Gypsyhawk) says:
Ripple Music has been on my radar for years, ever since they signed Mothership in 2013.  Once Void Vator started touring and releasing music, we were on the lookout for a label that was interested in promoting and working new rock music. 
After building our reputation and both proving and improving Void Vator‘s live show on the road, we won the confidence and respect of mutual friends of Ripple Music who put in a good word for us.
[Ripple CEO] Todd Severin and I got in touch after the Void Vator “Skeleton Crew” tour of Spring 2019.  He expressed excitement regarding our approach to rock music and old school road work ethic.  I told him of the band’s desire to partner a fair deal with a forward-thinking label whose primary focus is pushing new music in the rock genre.
Void Vator worked out a fair no frills contract with Todd and Ripple Music in the best interest of both parties.  We’re excited for what the future holds in our new partnership.
Our first single with Ripple Music is a rework of Dick Dale‘s “Nitrus” as a summertime teaser for the forthcoming album.  “Nitrus” is a hidden gem that was a banger on the road, showcasing the upbeat high energy, guitar theatrics, and good times approach that Void Vator has become known for across the country.
Please enjoy this summertime wave ripper and have a drink with us this August when Void Vator tours the West Coast with the legendary Slough Feg and Sanhedrin.”
Void Vator‘s rendition of “Nitrus” is now streaming here at Riff Relevant, and will be available as a pay-what-you-want download via the Ripple Bandcamp as of this Friday, July 20th, and via all major streaming services.
And look for news on Void Vator‘s forthcoming album soon!

Void Vator Nitrus

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