THE WATCHERS (feat. members of Orchid, SpiralArms and BlackGates) announce debut EP and US tour dates | Stream and share title track ‘Sabbath Highway’ via Ripple Music

The Watchers


One of the most promising rock outfits with a modern twist, if you like SpiralArms and Orchid You will love The Watchers”.
RockHard Germany

“The Watchers act as the bridge between nostalgic metal, the underground scene and rock radio, that so desperately needs a hero.”
That Classic Metal Show

“Old school metal, the 70s meet the 21st century with fury and doom, crank it up while you are traveling on the “Sabbath Highway’!!!”
Trendkill Radio

Sabbath Highway (EP) by The Watchers is released on 4th November through Ripple Music
Stream and share the title track ‘Sabbath Highway’ here –
Ripple Music is thrilled to announce the release of Sabbath Highway, the debut EP from San Francisco Bay rockers, The Watchers.

Gathering together an impressive cast of seasoned players with vocalist Tim Narducci and bassist Cornbread (SpiralArms, White Witch Canyon), Orchid drummer Carter Kennedy and guitarist Jeremy Von Eppic (BlackGates, The Venting Machine) The Watchers is an out-and-out super group of musicians’ musicians and a fitting addition to Ripple Music’s ever growing roster.

“We’re very excited to be a part of the Ripple family,” explains Tim. “We love their approach and the fact that they have a true footing in the underground heavy rock, doom and metal scene. Todd and Pope’s passion for their bands and roster is contagious and beautiful. We see a great relationship ahead!”

After peddling some killer and powerful riffs earlier in year on their Evel Knievel-inspired video for ‘Today’, the band returns with the title track from Sabbath Highway ahead of the EP’s official release on 4th November through Ripple Music –

For fans along the West Coast you’ll also be able to catch The Watchers live as they take to the road throughout October for a short tour with fellow label mates, ZED (For the full list of dates see below).

The Watchers:

Tim Narducci – Vocals
Jeremy Von Eppic – Guitars
Cornbread – Bass
Carter Kennedy – Drums


ZED & The Watchers Live:

13 Oct – Ash Street Saloon – Portland, OR
14 Oct – Skylark Café – Seattle, WA
15 Oct – Black Forest – Eugene, OR
20 Oct – The Viper Room – Los Angeles, CA
21 Oct – Til Two Club – Sand Diego, CA
22 Oct – Dive Bar – Las Vegas, NV

Track Listing:

1. Sabbath Highway
2. Requiem Intro
3. Call The Priest
4. Today
5. Just A Needle

Artist: The Watchers
Title: Sabbath Highway
Release Date: 4th November 2016
Label: Ripple Music
Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital