The Complete Ripple Music Invasion @ SXSW 2017

The Complete Ripple Music Invasion @ SXSW 2017
You may have heard the buzz, Ripple Music will be invading SXSW for the first time en mass, and we’ll bust our cherry by co-hosting  a showcase at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, March 14th at The Lost Well. The evening will include performances by Blackwulf, Salem’s Bend and White Light Cemetery among a horde of other like-minded purveyors of the heavy.
Below, you can find details on the showcase as well as more Ripple Band  SXSW appearances by Blackwulf, Salem’s Bend and Bonehawk the following night, Wednesday the 15th, at the Stoner Jam Showcase at Spider House Cafe and Ballroom
***Line up for Black Smoke Conjuring, co-hosted by Ripple Music***
Tuesday, March 14 at 2 PM – 5 PM
The Lost Well
2421 Webberville Rd, Austin, Texas 7870
02:00p – 02:30p — Smokey Mirrors
02:50p – 03:20p — Black
03:40p – 04:10p — Plastic Daggers
04:30p – 05:00p — Fox 45
05:20p – 05:50p — Salem’s Bend
06:10p – 06:40p — Blackwulf
07:00p – 07:30p — The Munsens
07:50p – 08:20p — From Beyond
08:40p – 09:10p — Duel
09:30p – 10:00p — Greenbeard
10:20p – 10:50p — Illustrations
11:10p – 11:40p — Great Electric Quest
12:00a – 12:30a — Buffalo Fuzz
12:40a – 01:10a — White Light Cemetary
****Line up for Stoner Jam – Wed March 15th****
at Spider House Cafe and Ballroom
Chapel Stage
3:00 Cobrajab (OKC)
3:45 Shadow Giant (NOLA) Graven Earth Records
4:30 Forming the Void (Layfeyette, LA) Argonauta Records
5:15 Black Titan (Mobile, AL)
6:00 Greenbeard (ATX) Sailor Records
6:45 Psychoti Reaction (OKC) Redfish Records
7:30 Blackwulf (Oakland,CA) Ripple Music
8:15 From Beyond (ATX)
9:00 Salem’s Bend (Los Angeles, CA) Ripple Music
9:45 DUEL (ATX) Heavy Psych Sounds Records
10:30 DJ Volkmoos and DJ Smoak spinning old school metalBallroom Stage
3:15 Man-eaters of Tsavo (San Antonio, TX)
4:00 Laughing Falcon (Lincoln, NE)
4:45 Bone Hawk (Portage, MI) Ripple Music
5:30 Amplified Heat (ATX)
6:15 King Buffalo (Rochester, NY) STB records
7:00 The Munsens (Denver, CO)
7:45 Cloud Catcher (Denver, CO) Totem Cat Records
8:30 Crypt Trip (ATX) Poisoned Mind Records
9:15 Tia Carrera (ATX) Small Stone Records
10:00 Buffalo Fuzz (Miniappolis, MN)
10:45 Great Electric Quest (San Diego, CA)
11:30 Fox 45 (Rochester, NY) Twin Earth Records
12:15 Ancient Wisdom (Cleveland, OH) Magic Bullet Records
1:00 DJ Volksmoos and DJ Smoak spinning old school metal