San Jose Rockers ZED Get Animated on New Single ‘CHINGUS’ | New Album VOLUME Out Next Month on RIPPLE MUSIC

“Proof that there is a ton of badass stuff left to be done in rock and roll but also that ZED might be our generation’s rock gods.”
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Volume by ZED is officially released on 26th July 2019
As premiered on RockHard this week, watch the brand new video for ‘Chingus’ here –
“The idea for the video come from the fact that I have always wanted to do a stop motion video, so I decided to just do it myself. I wanted to make a video that was just batshit crazy, with all kinds of fun cameos and shenanigans. I mean, come on, where else can you see LEGO’s twerking?” Mark Aceves (ZED)
Making their roaring presence felt in the Bay Area rock scene since 2007, with heavy footprints and sonically indelible marks are San Jose earth shakers ZED. With a sound based on the core principles of blues, heaviness and groove, this quartet is the genuine article. No bell bottoms, wizard sleeves or hip huggers for this crew. Instead, it’s a barrage of head-bobbing, air-guitaring, hip-shaking, blues-driven riffage as delivered by the true bastards of rock and roll.

From their inception ZED made a name for themselves with their crushing live shows and incessant grooves. Having played together in various projects since 1998, including releasing several albums with the band Stitch for Prosthetic and Metal Blade Records, guitarist/vocalist Peter Sattari and bassist Mark Aceves joined up with guitar wizard Greg Lopez and drummer extraordinaire Sean Boyles to create a sound that was uniquely their own. Drawing from their varied influences, ranging from classic ’70s rock to punk and hardcore, by way of metal and old school funk, ZED write music fuelled by nasty grooves. The band has even been called, “a pissed off Led Zeppelin with Chris Cornell meets Ian Astbury on vocals.”

In recent years the band’s momentum has exploded, signing to Ripple Music and growing into a household name in the stoner rock community. Their hard-grooving live show has seen the band perform as headline support at Maryland Doom Fest and numerous SXSW events. They recently capped off their first European tour with a benchmark performance at Desertfest Lodon, where Kerrang! Magazine caught their set and said, “Their booze-drenched blues’n’roll almost breaks into a riot as both band and audience raise the roof and plenty of Hell in the process, leaving the most triumphant first impression.”

As premiered on RockHard earlier this week, watch the brand new video for ‘Chingus’ taken from the band’s soon-to-be-released new album, Volume, on Ripple Music here.

“‘Chingus’ is actually the working title that we came up with during the writing process and decided to keep it,” explains bassist Mark Aceves. “We generally come up with either gibberish or silly/funny names but for some reason this one just stuck. Lyrically the song is about losing connection with people no matter what you do to try and maintain them. Kind of a heavy theme for what we feel is an otherwise fun song. It jumps up and rolls along nicely.”

Volume by ZED is officially released on 26th July 2019 on Ripple Music. Pre-order the album now at


Pete Sattari – Guitar, Vocals
Sean Boyles – Drums
Greg Lopez – Guitar
Mark Aceves – Bass


1. The Other Kind
2. The End
3. Wings of The Angel
04. Hollow Men
5. Take Me Home Again
6. Chingus
7. Poison Tree
8. The Great Destroyer
9. Time and Space
10. The Troubador

Artist: ZED
Album: Volume
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: 26/07/2019
Format: CD/LP/Digital


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Bandcamp –
Website –
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More praise for ZED:

“With fuzz, groove, blues and an unmistakable sound that brings to mind bands like Wolfmother, ZED have turned in a release that perfectly captures that live feel […] it’s an album that every fan of rock and roll should relate to.”

“ZED is rooted in Zeppelin-worshipping classic rockisms, groovy stoner vibes and nods to country […] it’s comforting to know that there are some crevices that still look to the past, not to the future, for inspiration.”

“ZED’s form of ‘heavy’ goes beyond the riff, pulling at emotions and an energy that doesn’t rely on volume or sonic intensity.”

“It’s one thing for a band to say they’re bringing the rock and roll, but it’s quite another when that band succeeds in delivering, and that’s just what ZED can do.”