“Ripple Now! Spread the Ripples” Contest! Win a pack of test pressings and loot!


Hey crew!  2017 is here and it’s going to be a monster year for us, with some amazing releases.  Look for brand new music from bands like Mothership, Wo Fat, Roadsaw, Freedom Hawk, White Light Cemetery, Vokonis, Moonbow, plus many still to be announced.  Add to that some cool projects like this month’s first ever vinyl release of Freedom Hawk’s debut album, and three more chapters of our acclaimed Second Coming of Heavy series, and you can see, it’s gonna be a helluva party!!

And we want to share all that with you!

So let’s start the year with a “Ripple Now! Spread the Ripples” contest!  The goal is simple, let’s spread the word on Ripple and turn those ripples into waves.  All you need to do is come up with your most creative way of spreading the word: photos, stories, memes, mixclouds, videos, whatever.  The sky is the limit, let your imagination run wild.  Take your idea and spread it across all channels of social media that you use and be sure to tag it #RIPPLENOW — also make sure you send us the pics, links etc and we’ll share your work.

Contest ends Jan 31st.   The most creative idea (as voted by you waveriders on facebook) will get a monster pack of loot, including 5 test pressings, some limited vinyl, t-shirts and swag.

So let the world know that you Ripple!  Spread the ripples, make some waves.


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