RIPPLE MUSIC and STB RECORDS forge new partnership

Over the last few years, Ripple Music and STB Records had established hefty reputations as leaders in the heavy rock scene; blasting out killer albums of stoner, doom, heavy psych and sludge.  Both Labels have run up an impressive list of sold-out and highly sought after releases, such as Mothership, Mos Generator, Ape Machine, Poobah, Brimstone Coven, Doctor Doom, Dopethrone and Druglord.  Yet, deep down, both labels always hoped they could do more to help the underground scene reach a great audience.Now that hope is a reality.

As of June 2014, Ripple Music and STB Records have forged a relationship that will expand upon the top-notch, limited releases by STB Records with a full complement of Digipack CD’s and Digital distribution via Ripple Music.  Both companies remain separate entities, each with their own roster of heavy-rocking bands, release schedules, and A&R, but the partnership allows the DIY Labels to work more closely together to get the music out to a world-wide fanbase that is clamoring for more.

In a very short period of time, STB Records had carved a place for itself with its boutique style deluxe, limited-edition vinyl releases. Die-hard editions, OBI editions, and multi-colored vinyl had heavy music fans salivating. Most STB releases sell out in a manner of hours and already command top dollar on the resale collectors market like Dopethrone, Spelljammer, Ancient Warlocks and Brimstone Coven.   Ripple Music established its reputation as a leading force in the resurrection of heavy rock with its keen ear for talent and partnership approach with its bands that led to a string of best-selling releases by Mothership, Mos Generator, Stone Axe, Ape Machine, Devil to Pay and Grifter as well as some highly regarded reissues of classic ’70s albums and new releases by protometal giants like Leaf Hound, Poobah, JPT Scare Band and Iron Claw.  Ripple Music established a world-wide network of physical and digital distribution that it will employ to spread the CD and digital versions of STB artists around the globe.

“I’m a firm believer of cooperation amongst labels, not competition,” comments Ripple Music CEO Todd Severin.The goal is to get the music heard. Get it out there.  Help the bands. By working together in this capacity, Ripple Music and STB Records can make a huge impact.”

STB Records President, Steve Macioci agrees. “I think it’s only right that people with the same values and ethos work together for the common good. There is a DIY renaissance happening in the underground stoner rock/doom scene right now, STB and Ripple are right there at the forefront setting the plate for these amazing artists to be heard and discovered. We are carving a path for this new resurgence and its 100% DIY for music lovers by music lovers, untainted by greed or ego. It’s so exciting.”

The first joint Ripple Music/STB release will be the CD and digital versions of STB’s immediate sold-out release by Ancient Warlocks, with more joint ventures to follow with the new Geezer album.

Ripple Music and STB Records. A new cooperation. A new force to reckon with in the underground heavy music scene.

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