POOBAH’s Jim Gustafson Signs Endorsement Deals with Morley, EbTech, and Dr. Frets!

Some call him The Wizard of Psyche. Some call him Mr. Destroyer. Some just call him Jim Gustafson, the guy with endorsement deals from Morley Pedals, EbTech, and Dr. Fret’s Guitar Products! The Poobah lead man has been swearing by these products for a number of years and expresses a loyalty to a product that helps continue to make him sound killer!

“When it’s time to rock, it’s nice to know that I have dependable people and products in my corner,” states Poobah guitarist/vocalist Jim Gustafson. “Having gear crap out on you while performing in front of a packed house is a drag, so it’s nice to have someone I can rely on.”

When he’s not on stage tearing through numbers from the award-winning Poobah album, Let Me In, Jim Gustafson can be seen hob-nobbing with the likes of Billy Cox (Jimi Hendrix), Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, and even Joyce DeWitt (Three’s Company). The recent engagement that had Billy Cox and Jim Gustafson meet up isn’t the first time that these two 70’s rock icons have crossed paths. In fact, Billy Cox produced the very first Gustafson album, which led to Gustafson opening for Cox’s band, Nitro Function in Nashville!

If you’d like to hob-nob with the Poobah great, well . . . you can! Check out Poobah live at the following locations in early Spring!

Mar. 3rd – Outpost – Marrietta, OH – 8:00pm
Mar. 9th – Pete’s – Sutton, WV – 8:00pm
Mar. 10th – Pete’s – Sutton, WV – 8:00pm
Mar. 16th – Spielers Club – Proctor, WV – 8:00pm
Mar. 31st – Birdies Rec – Sebring, OH – 8:00pm
Apr. 7th – Lemon Grove – Youngstown, OH – 9:00pm


Here’s what the press has to say about Let Me In:

“You could go broke and mad trying to locate – and endure – every “great lost album” cherished by fanboys from the homegrown-pressing underground of the late Sixties and Seventies. The 1972 debut by the Ohio trio Poobah is one of the few that was – and still is, as hard Seventies boogie goes – great.”  —  David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine, Fricke’s Picks: Top 2010 Reissues from Under the Radar

“An unmissable slice of newly-refurbished rock history. Poobah were extraordinarily sharp and effective as a unit, peeling off semi-improvised jams that crackled with vitality and a healthy dose of mischief. This reclaimed curio gleams like a diamond.” — Classic Rock Magazine 

“A psychedelic, proto-metal masterpiece!  Gustafson’s sun-baked, bluesy playing is shockingly terse, especially for this kind of music. As long and convoluted as some of these songs are, he doesn’t waste notes, tossing off one brief, incisive riff after another with a heavy lidded leer.  The whole thing ranks with Flower Marching Band, the original Iron Maiden and Sir Lord Baltimore as one of the classics of early metal.” — Lucid Culture

Jim Gustafson with Billy Cox                       Jim Gustafson with Joyce DeWitt