Peer Within the Crystal Ball: The Ripple Music Forecast for 2012!

It would be an understatement to say that 2011 was a busy year. In review, there were only five releases, but behind the scenes is where all the hectic action was truly taking place. Countless discussions with distributors and record stores across the globe, the introduction to new and incredibly interesting bands and personalities, new and unusual opportunities to further the Ripple brand and, subsequently, the roster of artists that call this label home. But, maybe most important was the planning for future releases, which is what brings us here today. Read on and see what’s on the slate for 2012:

The first release scheduled for the new year is the stunning debut of Northern Ireland’s gritty hard rockers, Trucker Diablo. The Devil Rhythm is a 45 minute set of blistering hard rock that will rattle your teeth, but tempered with huge melodic hooks that will have you singing along with all of your mates! The album features a bonus track that wasn’t released on the bands self released version of the album. In further Trucker news, the band will be performing at this year’s Hammerfest, as well as opening select dates on the Irish leg of the Black Stone Cherry tour. The Devil Rhythm will be available in stores world-wide in early February.

Santa Barbara’s melodic hard rockers Tripdavon are currently mastering the bonus tracks for the re-release of Sketches From Silence, and these bonus tracks (six in all) could easily have fit on the original release of the album. New CD art is being explored and you should expect to see the album on store shelves by the end of January, and then keep an eye out for the boys as they hit the road to get these songs in your face live!

Much like last year, 2012 is going to be heavy in Tony Reed projects. First, two Stone Axe releases will be hitting the streets. First, in continuation of the theme of deluxe re-issues, Stone Axe II will see a two disc deluxe package release. Disc one will be the same as the original, while disc two will feature all of those great Stone Axe songs that you couldn’t get on CD before. The final track listing is being put together as we type this and more details will be available in the near future. The second Stone Axe release will be Live at Roadburn 2011 and will feature a set of tracks that one doesn’t normally catch in the bands typical live setting. The rough mixes capture the essence and the energy of this band in a live setting, and the finished product will leave any rock n’ roll fan lying exhausted in a pool of sweat! Both Stone Axe albums are scheduled for release to coincide with the bands UK and European tours.

Your favorite gloomsters from the Pacific Northwest will be returning in heavy form in 2012. Fen will be releasing a vinyl edition to their critically-acclaimed album, Trails Out of Gloom. Not only will this release feature all of those gloriously dark and moody tracks, but the album will include a digital download of the bands previous and out of print album, Congenital Fixation. In further Fen news, the band is back in the studio working on the follow up to Trails and word has it that the band is leaning towards an all around heavier sound while incorporating those acoustic and ambient moments that made Trails so unforgettable. Look for that album in either late 2012 or early 2013!

In response to the success of the 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the first Mos Generator album, the band decided that the time was right to claw their way back from the underground and record a new record! As of press time, the new album is still untitled, but the demos have been completed and the songs under heavy scrutiny from the band to ensure that the best possible product is released. The entire team is shooting for a late Spring/early Summer release in both CD and vinyl formats.

JPT Scare Band will be making their long-awaited return with a double LP re-issue of the band’s first two LP’s in one sterling package! Acid Acetate Excursion and Rape of the Titan’s Sirens will be re-released in a gatefold jacket and will retain the original artwork, and will feature additional liner notes. Both LP’s were originally released in the 90’s by Monster Records and this new audio experience will get the loving re-mastering work of T. Dallas Reed for HeavyHead Studios. On top of that, there’s talk of a live album featuring the bands Crossroads performance from last July, so keep it tuned to the Ripple Music and JPT Scare Band social media sites for up to the minute news!

The summer is going to heat up with the next installment of Poobah re-issues in the form of U.S. Rock! Much like the award-winning re-issue of Let Me In, U.S. Rock will be released in double LP and CD formats, and will include a bunch of previously unreleased and bonus material. Somewhere along the same time line, the long-awaited new Poobah album, Peace Farmers will see the light of day. The final stack of tracks are being sifted through to ensure the highest quality and hardest rocking set of music will be served up to the ever deserving rock n’ roll fans!

Our favorite Brooklyn-based miscreants, Mighty High, are back at it and hard at work on a brand new full-length album. Fusing their hopped up punk-y and stoned out aggression with near psychedelic  sonic exploration, this album will be sure to cater to any and all mental states. In typical Mighty High fashion, look for this release, both CD and LP, to assail your senses on or near 4/20/2012

Modern Day Moonshine have been hard at work crafting a new set of southern-styled rock for the masses. The follow up to the Americana chart topping Refuge album is in the early stages of pre-production and should see the light of day towards the end of 2012.

Finally, Stone Axe is methodically piecing together the sounds of the 70’s to create their third release. Tentatively slated as a double LP release, this as-of-yet untitled album is looking at a late year release, and based on the few demo tracks that have been floating around the Ripple HQ, stands to be an epic of an album. As with all Ripple news, stay tuned to the social media sites for the latest breaking news on all of these releases. 2012 will be one of the heaviest rockin’ years in decades, so dust off those disc players and calibrate those turntables . . . your gear is gonna’ get a work out!