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The buzz for this album seems to grow everyday! Drawing on inspirations in mythology, religion, fantastical tales from European literature and an obsession for classic horror cinema, The Necromancers are perhaps one of the more exciting bands to emerge in ages. Experimenting with progressive rock, heavy psych and the 70s pagan/proto-metal of bands like Black Sabbath and Coven, they take these influences, throw in the urgency of NWOBHM and douse the entire lot in lysergic illusions. All with a mind to create a debut album for the ages.​  Already being hailed as one of the best debut albums of the year, the limited edition version shown is limited to 100 copies.


The last album by retro-rockers The Judge completely sold out on vinyl and had to be repressed on CD.  Now, we have their long awaited follow up!  Tell it to the Judge is another smash of 70’s infused riffs and rhythm all fused with The Judge’s classic vocals and knack for a fine melody.  Every bit as amazing as their debut.  “Prison Blues” limited vinyl is limited to 100 copies pressed. Black vinyl and CD too. 


The Flying Eyes have been huge in Europe for some time, now they finally have a North American label to call home!!  We’ll be releasing their latest album this September, but in the meantime, you can taste their particular brand of heavy psychedelic fuzz on this split with Lazlo Lee and the Motherless Children,  co-released with H42 Records.  The Ripple edition on white vinyl is limited to 50 copies, so you may want to hurry.


Fans of Ripple are called the Waveriders, and you now have your own forum.  Come join us at Waveriders Unite on Facebook.  The conversation is all about the music we love and not limited to Ripple.  Anything heavy, band-related, touring, gigging and just conversation is fair game.   Over 700 folks have jumped in just over a month, so don’t miss out.