Granite City Rockers THE JUDGE to release new album on Ripple Music | Listen to new song ‘Empty Halls’

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Tell It To The Judge by The Judge is released on 8th August 2017 on Ripple Music
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“Their self-titled debut could be construed as a long-lost classic from the ’70s […] a history lesson and remind us metal-heads where the music we love so dearly came from.”

“These guys are going to be epic.”

Originally formed in 2010 by long-time friends Dylan Jarrett and Evan Anderson, The Judge is a hard rock quartet of impeccable vintage, formed in the fittingly named stronghold of Granite City, Illinois.

After the band’s initial incarnation as Unfallen – with Jarrett on guitar and Anderson on drums – the duo quickly became a trio for a period, touring music venues across the St. Louis area with new member Kevin Jones taking up bass and vocal duties. Increasingly influenced by the Britannic rock majesty of groups such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, and with it that unshakeable ‘band of brothers’ mentality’, in 2013 the trio finally discovered the missing piece of a puzzle with the addition of their very own enigmatic front man, Tyler Swope.

As a criminally young quartet happily graduating from the riffs of old, Jarrett and Anderson started to uncover a new wave of hard rock acts occupying radio waves and record store shelves. Music by the likes of Graveyard and Kadavar helped inspire The Judge to develop their own special breed of slow burning psychedelia and sonic stew of traditional classic rock’n’roll and heavy backroom blues, the results of which can be heard on their brand-new studio album Tell It To The Judge, which follows on from the release of last year’s acclaimed self-titled debut and first for Ripple Music.

Tell It To The Judge by The Judge is released on 8th August 2017 on Ripple Music. Stream and share new song ​’Empty Halls’ ​here –

The Judge:

Dylan Jarrett – Guitar
Evan Anderson – Drums
Kevin Jones – Bass
Tyler Swope – Vocals

Track Listing:

1. Empty Halls
2. From the Mountain
3. Strange Ways
4. Changing World
5. Islands
6. Go On Home
7. High Flyin’
8. Darkest Daze
9. Parade of Sin

Artist: The Judge
Album: Tell It To The Judge
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: 04/08/2017
Format: CD/Digital/LP