Experience the Ascension of Psychedelic Quintet DEAD FEATHERS on ALL IS LOST | Stream ‘Horse and Sands’ now!

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All Is Lost by Dead Feathers is released on 23rd August on Ripple Music
“Definitely one for the vampires among you who just wish the summer would do one already, though to be honest we reckon the fuzzy, head-swirling psych and underground hoodoo should have a wider outreach.”
Stream and share new song ‘Horse And Sands’ – https://soundcloud.com/ripple-music/4-dead-feathers-horse-and
Since day one, these psychedelic Chicagoans have proven themselves to be a young band with limitless potential and lasting appeal. Building on the success of their 2016 self-titled EP on HeviSike Records, Dead Feathers have continued to cultivate a growing fanbase across the world, largely through ambitious tours and guest support slots with the likes of Kikagaku Moyo, Radio Moscow and Monster Magnet.

Fronted by the extremely talented Marissa Allen, whose vocals summon the spirit of Inga Rumpf and Linda Hoyle, Dead Feathers are influenced by rock bands of the 60s and 70s and the modern underground psych of today. Fusing a heavy, early 70s Fairports-via-Affinity vibe with a Dead Meadow and Black Mountain-esque appreciation for big riffs, their live shows are filled with a thunderous energy on stage that puts concert goers under their spell. Combining soulful and emotional songwriting with obscene levels of fuzz and reverb, overflowing bass lines and booming drums, Dead Feathers craft a mood with deft levels of artistry and showmanship.

Drop yourself in the incense smoke and reverberated grooves that is Dead Feathers this August with the release of All Is Lost on 23rd August through Ripple Music.

Stream and share new song ‘Horse And Sands’ – https://soundcloud.com/ripple-music/4-dead-feathers-horse-and


Tony Wold – Guitar
Marissa Allen – Vocals
Tim Snyder – Guitar
Rob Rodak – Bass
Joel Castanon – Drums


1. At the Edge
2. With Me
3. Cordova
4. Horse and Sands [Listen Here]
5. All is Lost
6. Darling Sighs
7. Smoking Gun
8. Night Child (Exclusive to CD)
9. Not Ours to Own
10. Found Caravan (Exclusive to CD)

Artist: Dead Feathers
Album: All Is Lost
Label: Ripple Music
Release Date: 23/08/2019
Format: CD/Vinyl/Digital