BANG: Career Collection ‘The Best of BANG’ Streaming in Full U.S. Proto-Metal Pioneers Hailed as “America’s Answer to Black Sabbath”

BANG (L to R): Frank Gilcken (guitar), Tony Diorio (drums), Frank Ferrera (bass)
   Surely one of the most unsung bands in the history of American hard rock music, BANGreleased three full-length albums for Capitol Records in the early 1970’s, that criminally sank without a trace. Capitol artist development at the time just did not know what to do with the band that was often called “America’s answer to Black Sabbath“. On April 20, Ripple Music will release The Best of BANG, the first-ever best of compendium from the band widely considered an important forerunner to the early Doom Metal genre.

In advance of the record’s release, Dangerous Minds premieres The Best of BANG in full, noting, “If you’re a fan of the druggy, pimply, riff-laden hesher rock as heard on the very very wonderful Brown Acid and Acid Nightmares compilations, then you might want to check out the unsung proto-doom metal group BANG”. Stream BANG‘s The Best of BANG now at this location (via Dangerous Minds).

The Philadelphia-born band was birthed in August of 1969, just after Woodstock, by 16-year-old high school dropouts Frank Ferrera (vocals, bass) and Frank Gilcken (guitar), who then swiftly recruited a 26-year-old Tony Diorio (drums), who answered their ad in a local newspaper. Undoubtedly the heaviest of America‛s ‘proto-metal’ rock bands from the period, BANG also had a strong sense of melodic power, which should have led them to much bigger things. In the summer of 1971, after 18 months of woodshedding rehearsals in a South Philly basement, BANG decided to take a road trip to Florida to try their fortune. While buying some rolling papers in the Sunshine State, they learned about a Small Faces and Deep Purple concert nearby in Orlando. They showed up at the venue and brazenly declared they were ready to go on stage. The concert organizer asked them to set up and play for him. After a couple songs, he told them they were opening for Rod Stewart and Small Faces. Before the trio knew it, BANG was playing with Bachman Turner OverdriveDeep PurpleThree Dog NightFleetwood MacIke and Tina TurnerThe Doobie Brothers, and even Black Sabbath. Capitol Records signed them, and three LPs were released: Bang (1972), which charted at #164 on Billboard’s Top 200, Mother/Bow to the King (1972), and Music (1973).

It was during the early “basement” period  that they changed their name from the Magic Band (a name already being used by Captain Beefheart’s band) to BANG. Tony had been reading Rolling Stone when he came across the headline “English groups bang in USA,” a reference to the explosion of British bands that were causing a sensation in America. The word “BANG” leaped off the page at him, and the erstwhile Magic Band became BANG.“We wanted to find a name that was short and powerful”, explains Ferrara. “BANG was short, sweet and to the point. It fit our music.”

The band’s self-titled Capitol debut, BANG, received positive reviews from the era’s pundits, with Billboard commenting that the band “on first listen sound incredibly like Led Zeppelin…they play at the same frenetic pace as Zeppelin, and Frank Ferrara’s vocals are so similar to those of Robert Plant’s as to be downright amazing.” Bolstered by such comments, Suddenly, it seemed, the band were on their way to stardom. The success of the album was cemented by the release of arguably the most contagious track, ‘Questions’, as a single which quickly climbed the Billboard singles chart.

This was followed by the monumental Mother/Bow To The King album in 1972 which should have exploded. Changes in personnel at their record company and an externally forced line-up change led to frustration and bewilderment before releasing their swansong 1973 album “Music“. Thereafter, the members of BANG dispersed to pursue other projects, but surprisingly reunited in 1996. The trio continues to perform live today.

Highly regarded as a cult act by many for years, it‛s now time for this truly amazing rock band to be enjoyed by a new audience. As can be heard, the versatility and songwriting skills of BANG were (are) second to none. In 2015, BANG‘s debut was inducted into theDecibel magazine Hall of Fame, being hailed as “one of the ultimate “cult classics”.

BANGstory: The Story of BANG
   For all those who’ve longed to dig into the band’s history, there is no better place to start than The Best of Bang. Available worldwide on gorgeous gatefold double-LP vinyl, full of rare photos, a cover featuring the original BANG girl, and liner notes by esteemed music journalist, Sleezegrinder, The Best of BANG will also be released on digipack CD and all digital music formats. The Best of BANG, and all Ripple Music releases, are available in finer record stores worldwide via MVD Distribution, Plastic Head (UK), H’art (Germany /France), Goodfellows (Italy), Suburban (Benelux) and Borders (Sweden) Distributors.  All releases are also available via the Ripple Music Webstore and Ripple Music Bandcamp pages.
   Track listing:

* = from 1971’s Death of a Country 
^ = from 1971’s BANG (self-titled)
# = from 1972’s Mother/Bow to the King
+ = from 1973’s Music
% = lost singles

1.) Death of a Country *
2.) No Trespassing *
3.) My Window *
4.) Lions, Christians ^
5.) The Queen ^ (Ultimate Classic Rock premiere)
6.) Redman ^
7.) Our Home ^
8.) Questions ^
9.) Mother #
10.) Keep On #
11.) Humble #
12.) Idealist Realist #
13.) Feel the Hurt #
14.) Windfare +
15.) Exactly Who I Am +
16.) Don’t Need Nobody +
17.) Feels Nice %
18.) Slow Down %

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  “Philadelphia – cum- Florida trio Bang! were a little known secret among the most stoned and acne scarred youth of the early seventies, only selling a few records in their time. These days, they are a favorite among those in the heavy know and considered forefathers of the Doom Metal sound with their blunt ‘n’ crude riffing and bleak lyrical content.” – NOISECREEP

   “One of the first American rock bands to openly worship and emulate Black Sabbath, BANG are, in fact, American doom pioneers, and their first album is a stone-cold classic of ugly distortion and steely-eyed downer rock.”  – CLASSIC ROCK