Volume IV

Volume IV


Atlanta’s VOLUME IV, featuring Joe Carpenter of Nihilist, have just announced the release of their Ripple Music debut album, Long In The Tooth, which will be coming out in the US on March 11th, and is scheduled to hit the European stores on March 14th of 2014!

With equal parts elegant beauty and steamrolling aggression, VOLUME IV serve up a piece of ear candy for the ages with Long In The Tooth. This first release with Ripple Music is a concise, 36-minute thrill ride of swampy metal heroics, featuring heavy grooves, classic bluesy stoner riffs, and an overall impending sense of doom. These boys bring back the old school attitude of musical sensibility, working hard to master your instrument, and taking pride in creating a wide pallet of musical styles: Thunderous drumming locked tight within the pocket, bass guitar providing a dense foundation for the thick guitar and gritty yet melodic vocals that lay on top. In a world where everything is mechanized, click-tracked and auto-tuned, VOLUME IV does it the only way, the honest way, straight from the gut, which is what we need to make music human again and separate the men from the boys.

Individually the members of VOLUME IV have shared the stage with legendary acts such as Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Danzig, Mastodon, Corrosion Of Conformity and Down just to name a few. Led by singer/guitarist Joe Carpenter and filled out by bassist Blake Parris and drummer Troy King, VOLUME IV is set to stun the music world with one of the most anticipated releases of the year!


Joe Carpenter – Guitars/Vocals
Blake Parris – Bass
Troy King – Drums