Huge Holiday Sale, Bandcamp, and YouTube to Explore!


Some people wait for it all year . . .  so here it is!  The big annual Ripple Music Holiday Sale.  Everything, and I mean everything is 30% off at the store. Simply type in the code: “Metalsanta” at checkout. Get it all, anything you’ve been waiting for. LP’s, limited colored vinyl, merch.  All yours for 30% off.  Get it while supplies last.  Sale ends at end of December . . . . or sooner if supplies run low.   So hurry!


What’s another way to follow Ripple, get exclusive video premieres, rare and exclusive live show content, meandering nonsense and more?   At our very own YouTube Channel.  Pop over to Ripple YouTube Channel, subscribe, and never miss out on full albums, singles, special videos and more.  And please share with your friends!  Let’s get some waveriders over there.  


And finally, be sure to keep Ripple with you while your work, drive, . . .heck, whatever!  Ripple bandcamp gives you the entire catalog of albums available for free streaming whenever you’d like.  Also, get special bandcamp exclusive songs, compilations, singles and more, plus subscribers get a 15% discount on all Ripple product from the store.  Check it out at