🌵 Desert Rock Founding Force Joins the Ripple Music Team 🎸

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L-R:  Jadd Shickler, Todd Severin, Steve Macioci, Aaron Emmel
For those not familiar, Jadd is a founding force in the stoner rock world.  Back in 1997, he co-founded the All That’s Heavy online store and MeteorCity, one of the world’s first stoner/desert rock labels.
Their first release was the Welcome to MeteorCity compilation, a subtle tribute to Kyuss’ landmark Sky Valley album that offered the first appearances of future stoner rock luminaries like Sixty Watt Shaman, Lowrider, The Atomic Bitchwax,Dozer, Los Natas, and Fatso Jetson.
Under Jadd’s guidance, MeteorCity released music from Nebula, DozerUnida(with John Garcia), Solace, Truckfighters, The Atomic Bitchwax, Spirit Caravan and The Obsessed, among many others.

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Having sold MeteorCity in 2008, Jadd became a contributor to The Ripple Effect blog in 2015 and began re-connecting with the scene he’d helped found.  The following year, thanks to a door opened by one of his Ripple Effect articles, Jadd joined Magnetic Eye Records as Label Operations Director.

As of today, Jadd is all-in on the scene and the industry.  Besides his continued work with Magnetic Eye and new duties with Ripple Music, Jadd has also launched his new label Blues Funeral Recordings, which recently debuted the new album from Domkraft and this week launched a Kickstarter campaign for the exclusive vinyl subscription series PostWax (more info here).

Jadd couldn’t be more enthusiastic about bringing his experience, history and enthusiasm to support Ripple Music’s ambitions for the coming year.

Ripple, meanwhile is extremely happy to welcome Jadd to the fold, with CEO Todd Severin saying:

“I can’t wait to see what Jadd brings to the Ripple Family.  With his passion and experience in the heavy underground combined with Ripple’s love of music and the scene, I can’t help but think we’ll make some big noise.  Our goal will always be to bring the best music we can to the legions of heavy underground fans and help the worldwide scene grow.”

This promises to be the start of a bold new future for the Bay Area heavy music powerhouse.