Kingnomad saw the light of day January 2014.

Jay and Marcus – The best of friends and neigbours was often hanging out in the studio in Jay’s basement, jammin on fuzzy Sabbath riffs and drinking beer. One day, one of them riffs turned into a song – Lucifer Is Dead.

With that song, a thought and a purpose followed. The thought – To make music that combined the old 70s sound with nice haunting vocal arrangements, and lyrics that could carry you of to dark and distant Lovecraftian worlds. The purpose – To have some fun doing that!

The next step was easy. The recruiting of Andreas on drums and Maximilian on bass, the only two people that could be the rhythm section of doom.

The band was now complete with people and purpose. The time of great creativity now followed, and the studio in Jay’s basement was named “The room of doom”. Songs were written and recorded and soon found their way out into the world.

A never ending stream of occult, psychedelic, 70s doomrock is now pouring out of a small village in northen Sweden, leaving no soul untouched.


Mr Jay – Guitars and vocals
Andreas – Drums
Marcus – Guitars and psychedelia
Maximilian – bass and backing vocals